Moments that Matter

2018 Community Lifer of the Year: Ana Feyereisen

November 23, 2018 by Jennifer A. Barefoot Chief Brand Officer

What does it mean to be a Community Lifer?

It means that we are purpose driven and passionate about what we do. It means that we subscribe to our values – TRUST, RECIPROCITY, SPIRIT & LEGACY – and we believe in them, deeply. We stand by every word of our newly minted Manifesto and we model the way for others. We are evangelists for our mission: People and Places with Purpose. We are a force for good.

Rooted in DMB Associates tradition, DMB Community Life’s inaugural Community Lifer of the Year is a fitting way to recognize the impact of one amazing team member.

Our 2018 honoree, Ana Feyereisen, Manager, Amenity Experience at Eastmark exemplifies our Company’s passion for people and community every single day.

Ana is compassionate, supportive, kind, hilarious and always willing to go the extra mile. She enjoys getting to know people and she excels in getting things done with the unique ability to blend the engagement and operations sides of our work.

She guides and models the way for the Ambassadors at Eastmark. She has built and nurtured relationships with the local food truck community, invaluable for community events. She developed and grew the Toddler Time program that many children in Eastmark look forward to each week.

Her smile and positive energy are contagious. Never one to miss an opportunity to laugh and bring delight to those around her, one of the fondest memories our team shared is when she donned a T-Rex costume for Suzanne’s (Walden-Wells) birthday surprise…and again with Ashley (Saucedo) for a Toddler Time surprise (pictured).

Ana plays a significant role in bringing community to life to Eastmark. She has the heart and soul of a Community Lifer and we are thrilled to recognize Ana Feyereisen as our inaugural 2018 Community Lifer of the Year.