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Civic Engagement: Builds Community AND Business

January 16, 2019 by Jennifer A. Barefoot Chief Brand Officer

DMB Community Life has a rich history – 20+ years – distinguishing the communities we serve.

Beginning in 1997, as part of DMB Associates drive to create a unique approach to creating vibrant community life in their real estate development communities, DMB Community Life was realized.

Throughout the journey, DMB Community Life has partnered with our residents and stakeholders to build distinct communities of purpose and value. One of our guiding thinkers, Margaret Wheatly says it best: “People own what they help create.”

Today, DMB Community Life stands on its own merits and we are more confident than ever in our Community Life Model. Year over year, community residents, from DC Ranch to Marley Park and from Eastmark to Verrado report high levels of satisfaction (82%) and willingness to refer future homebuyers (93%).

In fact, residents of DMB Community Life communities say that living in one of our communities is like nothing they’ve ever experienced…they rave about our engagement work at the “secret sauce” to community.

There are stories shared about how much residents appreciate the authentic care and concern neighbors have for one another. Residents boast about the culture of respect and meaningful opportunities to connect and engage. They are proud of how safe and secure they feel in the arms of friends and neighbors.

These stories always make our team proud. And it makes our work meaningful and fun. We believe that social and civic engagement is at the heart of any vibrant community. It’s the people who care for these special places today and tomorrow that define a community’s purpose
and legacy.

Read More in the Town Hall Report.

In DMB Community Life communities, we strive to nurture an environment that looks spectacular AND lives well.

The 2012 Arizona Town Hall invited Todd Hornback, Director of Community Life, to co-author a chapter for the background report for their 100th Town Hall on Civic Engagement. The meeting focused on how civic engagement can play a significant role in the fostering and development of communities. DMB and DMB Community Life was acknowledged as the exemplar for this form of development in