Moments that Matter

Lighting the Night with Hope

April 10, 2020 by Jennifer A. Barefoot Chief Culture & Brand Officer

Right now, our Team – with a capital T – is doing some of its very best work, coming up with inspiring and creative ways to engage. And our Residents are responding with enthusiasm and unprecedented appreciation.

Case in point: Light the Night. On April 9 at 7:30 PM sharp every DMB Community Life community joined virtual hands in a demonstration of solidarity, strength and steadfast community.

Our residents – and our team – stood on porches and camped out in driveways with flashlights, candles and glow sticks to light up our communities as a symbol of hope and healing. For those who felt more comfortable staying inside, porch lights were on…more so than usual.

We are in this together.

Last night, we found a novel way to connect, at a safe distance and in a quiet moment, to shine a light on the strength and hope of so many during this time, especially those essential workers caring for those who are ill, delivering packages, and stocking our grocery shelves.

Check out some of the images of our team who participated in Arizona, California, Colorado, and South Carolina.