We could not be happier that you are considering our company as the place to make your professional home. At DMB Community Life, our hope is that you wake up excited and raring to come to work every day. We are a company that is big on partnership, most importantly the partnership we have with our employees. We are all in this together. People who work for us are incredibly talented having a unique combination of experience and potential. They also get what DMB Community Life is all about. Our work is important. And we have high expectations of employees, so we hope you also have high expectations of us. If our company culture feels like a good fit, we hope you will share your resume with us at

Open Positions

Executive Director | Eastmark, Mesa, AZ

The Executive Director at Eastmark will oversee all aspects of Community Life management including: creating and promoting Eastmark's vision throughout the development lifecycle; developing the team and organizational systems; establishing resource frameworks for the community disciplines inclusive of community affairs and communications, engagement, and operations. The Executive Director will set the tone for professionalism and model exceptional customer service that demonstrates our commitment to co-creation and resident involvement.

Eastmark - Executive Director Community Life

Ambassador  | Alamar, Avondale, AZ

Ambassadors will actively support community values, vision, and philosophies, while demonstrating a style of support and organization that allows stakeholder and resident needs to be met with a high level of satisfaction. Ambassadors set the tone for customer service and stakeholder interactions - they will provide a warm, welcoming, professional approach while utilizing their experience, skills, and exceptional communication abilities with all Alamar stakeholders.  Specifically, Ambassadors will monitor use of private resident amenities, adjacent grounds, and activities during specified times.

Ambassador_- Alamar