Jennifer A. Barefoot

Brand and Messaging | Marketing Communications Strategy | Delivery Tools and Systems

Jennifer is an experience junkie, especially for new and shared experiences. Her career has been dedicated to storytelling and mission-driven work. She values trust, integrity, and commitment. The color orange makes her happy. She has an addiction to health and fitness and also to lip balm.


Todd Hornback

Key Partnerships | Business Development | Public Affairs

Todd is on a journey to expand, in all its forms. His work has focused on people and purpose, believing that we all shape our own experiences. He values humor, thoughtfulness, and kindness. The color sky blue gets him going. A live music nut, he wishes he’d had front row seats to Woodstock.


Chadwick W. Reed, PCAM, CMCA, AMS

Company Operations | Corporate Governance | Financial, Legal, and Risk Management

Chad’s favorite place in the world is right next to his beautiful wife, Brenda. His work has focused on community management, specifically the operations side of the business. He values kindness, strength, honesty, and knowledge. He loves the versatility of the color graphite. Chad is passionate about creating opportunities and is inspired by stories of people pursuing their dreams.




Talent Development | Culture and Engagement | Human Resource Management

An eternal optimist, Suzanne has a unique ability to see the bright side of almost any situation. Her career is focused on her two passions – community and leadership. She values compassion, kindness, integrity, and beauty. The color yellow brightens her day. She has a thing for animals and their welfare.


Patsy Fawcett
Accounting Associate


Being terrified of water didn’t stop Patsy from learning to SCUBA. She dreams of traveling the world and would love to have been able to attend a classical symphony orchestra composed and performed by Bach, Grieg, Mozart, or Beethoven. She values honesty, integrity, respectfulness, compassion, acceptance, and humor. She likes the color Caribbean green because of its nod to beautiful beaches near vast blue seas.


Darrell Mead, CPA
Director, Finance & Accounting

Financial Planning | Company Administration | Community Operations Coordination

Darryl is inspired by his wife and his sons, who he describes as truly awesome people. His favorite tradition is his annual birthday trip to Vegas – he plays a mean game of cards. And his favorite place in the word is a beach, any beach. Darryl thinks life is too short to stay mad. He values honesty and humility, and he likes the color green because he likes, and works with, money.


Catherine Pimsner
Accounting Associate

Accounting | Title Processing

Cat is passionate about her family, friends and her sports teams. She likes country music and dreams of front-row seats to Garth Brooks. Getting outside inspires her and her best adventure was in Costa Rica, though Ireland is her favorite place in the world. She values loyalty, honesty, and humor. She’d be an orange crayon because she is happy, outgoing, and determined to succeed.


Al Semmler
Senior Accountant


Passionate about the truth, Al is inspired by nature, particularly mountains. In fact, a beautiful sunset over mountains makes him smile. So too does his wife, the best gift he ever received. He values honesty, hard work, humor, perseverance, and knowing when to be quiet. The color yellow is his favorite because it’s bright.

Jennifer Wressell
Accounting associate

Accounts Payable

Born in Michigan, Jennifer lived in five different states before calling Arizona home. Passionate about her family, dogs, and sports, she values humor and loyalty and enjoys reading in her downtime. Jennifer hopes to one day build a home from the ground up. The color blue is her favorite because of its versitility.


Vanessa Anaya
Administrative Assistant

Company Administration | Community Operations Coordination

Vanessa's life motto is, "Live every day like your last." She's passionate about her family – she calls her children her best gift, and her husband and grandparents her inspiration. Spending time with her grandparents in their California home always brings a smile to her face. Vanessa values honesty and she likes the color purple because it reminds her of her mom.


Jan Baratta
Senior Design Review Manager | DC Ranch

Design Review | Partner Relations

Jan loves fall foliage and vacationing near water or in the mountains. She is an acapella singer who also enjoys home improvement projects. The coolest thing she has ever worked on – DC Ranch. Jan is inspired by her mom and her motto: “I can do it!” She values competence, talent, and confidence and red is her favorite color.


Tonee Garcia
Manager, Community Operations | Centerra

Commercial Operations | Governance | Standards

Tonee is inspired by her mother, the strongest woman she has ever known. Her favorite tradition is sharing gratitude and a good meal at Thanksgiving. A Northern Colorado native, she enjoys challenging herself and spending time with her grandson Zayn. She values honesty, loyalty, commitment, and selflessness. She’d be the silver crayon in the box because it's shiny, and why not.


Tabatha Long, PCAM, CMCA, AMS
Vice President, Community Operations

Community Operations | Governance | Financial, Legal, and Risk Management

The best gift that Tabatha has received was a surprise from her husband – tickets to an Adele concert at Madison Square Garden. Her career has been dedicated to efficiently and effectively managing community operations. In fact, one of her proudest moments was completing her PCAM. She values humor, thoughtfulness, honesty, and loyalty. A Michigan fan, Spartan green is her absolute favorite color.


Sherry Porter
Design Review coordinator | DC Ranch

Design Review

A licensed pilot, Sherry celebrated this milestone achievement learning aerobatic skills from her flight instructor. Every Friday evening after dinner she looks forward to the treasured ritual – sharing a long phone conversation with her adult son who lives on the East Coast. Sherry values a sense of humor, honesty, trustworthiness, intelligence, joy, and enthusiasm. So much so that her motto is “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” The color red is her favorite because it is happy and vibrant.


Haley Rowan
Coordinator, Community Operations | Verrado, Victory

Community Operations | Compliance | Design Review

Haley’s life motto is, “life’s what you make it!” That's what drives her passion to positively impact people, and her drive for happiness. She enjoys fitness, meeting new people, and traveling to new places. Haley is inspired by her son, Greyson. She dreams of having front row seats to Coachella someday, the color yellow brings her joy, and she values honesty, humor, and passion.


Ashley Saucedo
Coordinator, Community Operations | Eastmark

Community Operations | Compliance

Ashley is passionate about self-expression, especially expression through literature and art. In fact, her favorite place is Florence, Italy. She also hopes that one day she’ll read all the books in her home library. She is inspired by her kids and values loyalty and honesty. She likes the color blue because it is tranquil and reminds her of the beach.


Rachelle Stock
Coordinator, Community Operations | marley park

Community Operations | Compliance

Rachelle is easy going and hardworking, which is why it's fitting that her motto is, "You do you." She is proud of her career working for the civilian side of law enforcement, and for the judicial branch of Maricopa County Superior Court. She has a passion for improving people, places, and things (and we love that!). The best gift she ever received was a surprise trip to Disneyland; just-bloomed flowers make her smile; and crafting makes her happy. In fact, glitter is her favorite "color."


Jennifer Tweedie, CMCA, AMS
Manager, Community Operations | Eastmark, Verrado & Victory

Community Operations | Governance | Compliance

Jen is inspired by her husband and her kids. It’s the reason she works so hard. Ever the planner, Jen values dependability and trust. The coolest thing she has ever worked on has been some home makeovers – it’s so rewarding to see what a small group of people working together can accomplish for others. She is passionate about teaching her kids responsibility and kindness because you never know what someone else is going through. She can’t decide which color is better, blue or green.


Rebecca Zieber
Assistant Manager, Community Operations | Marley Park

Community Operations | Governance | Compliance

Hailing from Nova Scotia, which also happens to be her favorite place in the world, along with New Orleans, Rebecca is an avid reader with a taste for adventure. Cave diving in Mexico is the most adventurous thing she’s done, and the slope stability surveys on the continental shelf are the coolest thing she has ever worked on. She is inspired by her friends and values humor and empathy. The brightest color of the bunch, yellow is her top pick.


Molly Gromske
community asset manager | Eastmark & One Scottsdale

Amenity Operations | Landscape Maintenance | Pool Management

Inspired by her family, Molly loves coming home and being greeted by her two dogs, Archie and Tobey. She hails from Wisconsin and loves reading and going to the theater. Tickets to the play, Harry Potter, rank as the best gift she ever received, and 100 Books to Read is on her Bucket List. Molly values honesty and integrity; she has a unique knack for injecting pop culture references into conversation; and if she were a crayon, she’d be the teal crayon.

Spencer Hinkle
Landscape & facilities superintendent | Delta coves

Amenity Operations | Landscape & Lagoon Maintenance 

His family always puts a smile on his face, especially his two boys. A self-proclaimed "jack of all trades," Spencer loves people, and doesn't shy away from tough conversations and customer service challenges. A California native, Spencer is passionate about sports and Christmas breakfast is his favorite tradition. He values honesty and a sense of humor. His life motto: "Live everyday like it's your last." He'd be the green crayon in the box because it's bright and outdoorsy.


Scott Rowan
Director, Community Asset Management
ISA Cert Arborist, Municipal Spc, TRAQ, WE-1515 AM

Amenity & Landscape Strategy and Operations | Tree Specialist | Design Review

Scott is inspired by the fear of failure. As our in-house arborist, it’s no surprise that forests make him smile and that he’d be a green crayon if he had his pick from the box. He loves baseball and cares deeply for our environment. Hailing from Michigan, his favorite place is the Upper Peninsula of his home state. Scott values integrity, intelligence, and wisdom.


Jesse St Clair
Manager, Community Assets | Marley Park & Verrado

Amenity Operations | Landscape Maintenance | Pool Management


Kathryn Ellingson
Director, Communications

Brand and Messaging | Marketing Communications Strategy | Delivery Tools and Systems

Kate’s favorite place is her parent’s lake home in Minnesota. Better yet, being at the lake home with her two boys. With a career path that started in wedding planning, she has keen eye for design and great organizational skills. She appreciates loyalty, intelligence, and humor. The color malachite green is her go-to. A Minnesota fan through and through, she enjoys going to the Minnesota v. Nebraska football game each year.


Gus Brown
Manager, Community Programs | Verrado

Amenity Operations | Recreational Programs | Ambassador Management

Gus knows how to “roll with the punches” and in fact, that’s his motto in life. He is passionate about his family and inspired by his wife who always maintains her composure. His favorite spot in the world is Disneyland and hearing his kids laugh always makes him smile. He values people talking straight and truthful. Gus defines himself as neutral, so beige is his favorite color.


Ana Feyereisen
Manager, Amenity Experience | Eastmark

Amenity Programs and Operations | Ambassador Management

Ana left her extended family and her home country for love. There is nothing more important than time with her family. She is especially passionate about her sons and is focused on living a good life, serving as an example to her boys. She values integrity, honesty, and a sense of humor. Ana’s favorite color is red. She’s still working on her “Bucket List.” And she makes a mean – and spicy – homemade salsa.


Christine Jakupovic
Manager, Community Engagement | INSPIRATION

Leadership & Volunteer Programs | Events & Activities | Amenity Programs & Operations | Communications

Christine loves working with people who love where they live. She’s passionate about her family and is inspired by her mom. The coolest project she’s ever worked on was building the engagement program from the ground up for Victory at Verrado. Her motto: “everything happens for a reason.” If she were a crayon, she would be yellow because it is bright and cheerful. Christine values honesty and kindness.


Karen Klein
Director, Community Engagement | CENTERRA & INSPIRATION

Leadership & Volunteer Programs | Events & Activities | Public Affairs

Karen’s super power is remembering the names of obscure actors, so don’t challenge her to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. She loves the beach and watching her two corgis, Dexter and George, chase each other. A cancer survivor, she is passionate about time with family and friends and lives by the words: “Do your best, and forget the rest.” She values a positive attitude, is inspired by Michelle Obama, loves to visit Rocky Point, and counts blue-green as her favorite color in the crayon box.


Stephanie Madden
coordinator, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT | eastmark

Volunteer Programs | Signature Events | Communications

Stephanie loves doing anything outdoors – from running around her Eastmark neighborhood or paddle boarding at Canyon Lake. On her bucket list: she hopes to travel to all 50 states, run the NYC marathon, and take a hot air balloon ride. She’s inspired by seeing random acts of human kindness; she is passionate about protecting the environment. Her favorite color is aqua because it reminds her of the Caribbean sea. Stephanie values people who are loyal, supportive, and confident.


Rhiannon Miett
Manager, Community Engagement | Marley Park

Volunteer Programs | Signature Events | Ambassador Management

Rhiannon is inspired by people who face challenges, and even with the odds stacked against them, they push forward. Marley Park residents concur that the coolest thing she has ever worked on was the Alice in Wonderland Boo Bash. Rhiannon enjoys making memories with her family, including her chosen family in our communities. She values humor, honesty, integrity, compassion, loyalty, and courage. Purple pizazz is her color because it is happy, energetic and bright, just like her dogs when they greet her at the end of the day.


Kimberly Crowther Miller
Director, Community Engagement | Eastmark

Leadership & Volunteer Programs | Events & Activities | Public Affairs

Kimberly is passionate about being a mom and she is committed to raising her son to be a good person. She has a long career in community building and finds inspiration in the stories of our residents. In fact, the highlight of her career has been shaping the unique life at Eastmark. She values humor, honesty, accountability, and respect of time. Yellow is the color that makes her smile, as does watching children play.


Lisa Powell

Volunteer Programs | Signature Events | Ambassador Management

Lisa is inspired by a relentless pursuit of doing good. Her motto: “Don’t let anyone steal your joy.” She has an uncanny talent to pick the perfect lipstick match to any outfit. Her favorite place is anywhere she can put her toes in the sand. No wonder the best gift she ever received was a surprise trip to Mexico. Lisa enjoys “forced family fun” and connecting with people. She values conversation with a good friend as well as authenticity, honesty and humor. Aqua blue-green is her favorite color because it provides a sense of calm.


Katherine Prusinski
Director, Community Engagement | Marley Park, Verrado & Victory

Leadership & Volunteer Programs | Events & Activities | Public Affairs

Kat is equally passionate about seeing people succeed and thrive as she is about the University of Oklahoma football team. With a knack for asking the right questions, her career has focused on business strategy and leadership development. She values laughter, integrity, honesty, and loyalty. Kat is drawn to bold colors – particularly red or orange – because of the energy they exude. Her favorite tradition is decorating for Christmas, so much so that she’s had to build a special closet to hold all her decorations.


Joy Rosek
Manager, Volunteer Programs | Verrado

Leadership Programs | Volunteer Service Programs

Joy is passionate about serving others and being reliable. It’s why her job as manager of Verrado’s leadership and volunteer service programs is a great fit. She values laughter and time with her husband, Kyle. She likes the color poppy because it is sweet, bold, and spunky. Her motto in life: “Do it right, do it light. Do it wrong, do it long.”


Monica Wolf

Programs, Events & Activities | Public Affairs | Communications 

Monica is an entrepreneur and social engineer. She's inspired by people who do good things and is inspired by her husband and her kitties. The coolest things she's ever done - other than owning her own business - was volunteering at a Spartan Kids race. She values humor, confidence and authenticity. Her motto, "Do or do not. There is no try." If she were a color, it would be Goldenrod because it reminds her of C3P0.