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DMB Community Life approaches governance from an inspired mind-set. Our belief is that the community governance structure must be nimble yet definitive in achieving the Founder’s desired vision and plan.

We know that an authentic community is a reflection of the people who live there. As such, the governance framework needs to provide opportunity to engage community stakeholders in defining the community.

Baseline will be a community that provides an equal emphasis on caring for its built environment as it does on caring for its residents that will call the community home. In pursuit of this goal, the Founder embraced DMB Community Life’s inspired governance structure – a structure grounded in inclusiveness, mutual respect, consensus building, and responsiveness to changing needs and opportunities.

This inspired model lays the foundation for the community as residential, commercial, and open spaces are planned and built. It establishes a governing entity, Baseline Enrichment and Community Collaboration Assembly, dedicated to facilitating stakeholder engagement in complement to two other governing entities, Baseline Community Association, dedicated to managing community operations, and Baseline Commercial Owners’ Association, dedicated to oversight of commercial areas in the community.




Complementary governing entities




acres of residential, commercial & open space