Case Studies

Leadership & Development


If you hang around DMB Community Life communities long enough, you will hear about the “secret sauce” – our approach to programming exceeds what others believe is possible. The quintessential element that sets DMB Community Life apart: we jump in day one to take a deep dive into a comprehensive community engagement strategy that is right-sized to the unique attributes of your community and its leaders.

Key to our success is leadership development. At Eastmark, this signature leadership program is called Eastmark Leadership. In this 10-month class facilitated by the Eastmark Assembly, we leverage the natural leaders among Eastmark’s residents, focusing on cultivating these leaders to become active stewards of their community. The result is authentic decision-making with meaningful results that make sense for Eastmark.

Since launching the program in 2015, Eastmark Leadership graduates have taken on roles in local non-profits; they have also spearheaded key community projects. As an example, Class 1 planned and built Honors Park at Anitole Square – a space for neighbors to honor loved ones and personal milestones with commemorative bricks sold in support of local charities.




Alumni serving community leadership roles


Raised for children in foster care


Commemorative bricks sold raising $5k+ for local charities