Case Studies


Marley Park

Our team is skilled in the process of governance transition. Through our extensive community engagement and leadership development programs, we prepare residents to rise to leadership roles and build upon the vision established by the developer/declarant.

Our most recent evidence of success is the transition of the Marley Park Community Association Board of Directors from Founder-Control to Resident-Leadership. Our team established a Transition Committee, chartered by the Board, to serve as an advisory panel and to ensure a seamless turnover. Outreach was also an important aspect of the Committee’s role which led to the development of a robust education campaign to engage residents in the transition process. This campaign included a Meet the Candidates Forum, as well as a series of print and digital communications to help residents understand the meaning and impact for the community.

An important outcome of this process included the recommendation to the full Board by the Transition Committee to retain DMB Community Life as its community association management partner going forward. The process devised for Marley Park will serve as a model for future transitions.




Residents served as Transition Committee advisors


Voter participation (10% is standard)


Communication touchpoints during election process